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How It Works
How it works

All human beings, without exception, are deeply,
naturally and profoundly musical.

How Simply Music Piano Works

How It Works

How the Simply Music Piano Program works

In this video Neil Moore talks about the Simply Music Piano program, gives an overview of essential elements and provides a context for the more detailed video segments that follow. We recommend that you watch the following videos in the order that they are laid out.

How it Works - Classical

Teaching the Melody of a Classical Piece

Let’s talk about a famous classical piece, by Ludwig van Beethoven, and give you a taste of how we break the melody of this song into a simple “Melody Diagram” that will have you instantly remember how to play it. We’ll also show you the left hand so that you can sit down after this video and begin playing it for yourself.

How it Works - Chords

Teaching Chords & Accompaniment

Here, Neil will show you a brilliantly simple way to learn every major and minor chord, in every key, in just a few minutes and just based on three simple shapes. Take what you learn here and teach it to your students. Just this alone will open up a new world of possibility for your students.

How it Works - Blues

Teaching the Blues Scale & Improvisation

Blues is one of the exciting genres that our students get to explore from their earliest lessons. With a basic 12 Bar Blues in their hands, students can take their Blues experience to the next level with Blues Scale Improvisations. In this video Neil presents the concept of ‘Mapping’ and then applies this to the Blues Scale.

How it Works - Classical

Bringing Both Hands Together Using More Complex Rhythms

Very often, teachers and students say that it can be a real challenge to learn how to bring both hands together onto the piano. In this video, Neil will show you how the Simply Music Piano method uses ‘Rhythm Diagrams’ to completely transform how quickly and easily it can be done.